Socorro Gómez: An example, vocation and fidelity from beginning to end

Fundación San PatricioIt is very difficult to sum up the privilege of having been able to enjoy our dearest Socorro at San Patricio for nearly 40 years. She came to the campus in El Soto as a teacher in 1979 and left San Patricio as Director of La Moraleja in July 2017. An entire professional life in which her vocation was always to help and devote a lot of affection to students, families and colleagues alike. Less than four months after her retirement ceremony, she left us nearly speechless, without solace, without the hope which she sustained us with for so many months with her extraordinary struggle, always with a smile. It was on November 13th, 2017 when a great example of fidelity and achievement suddenly left us. Her versatility, her intuition and her desire to grow decisively helped our institution grow, too. Her talkativeness was comparable to her degree of responsibility. That’s to say… very great. And this comparison is based on her mastery in having known how to extraordinarily combine not hushing anything that were necessary to say with the discretion and responsibility required by her numerous duties.

She knew how to steer a ship at very different moments; with a tailwind, in the dead calm, through storms, and she was never daunted. And even less so when her more personal circumstances could have weakened her. La Moraleja’s front door will certainly never be the same again without her, but no one can doubt that her example and her memory will remain with all of us forever. And with these lines we want to thank her wholeheartedly for her tremendous commitment.