Because school is changing and some people don’t get it yet.



Yet another year ENAP, the educational congress of reference in Spain, has once again surprised its attendees.

The International School San Patricio Toledo was the stage for an exciting encounter, which considered a new challenge this year: to find out about educational change with a common language for teachers, families and students.

The day began with a warm welcome from Sonsoles Castellano, president of the San Patricio Foundation, which is in charge of organizing this wonderful congress. Sonsoles made way for Virginia Alonso, artist, Director of House of Ayni and Founder of Honest CV, who masterfully guided and led us throughout the congress.

This year at ENAP 2018, we faced the day with a school timetable but in which everything was different… Early on, the stage was filled with the positive energy of Jaime Buhigas, founder of the pedagogical renewal movement who surprised us with his presentation on mathematics. Following the great ovation he received, Antonio Basanta, Doctor in Hispanic Literature, thrilled us talking about language and literature, while at the same time, Elizabeth Scott Blacud, Postgraduate in New Technologies at the Service of Education and Pedagogical Consultant of Children’s and Youth Literature for SM, completed an interesting workshop on reading and gamification.

Following the break, it was Juan Ángel Vaquerizo’s turn, a spectacular astrophysicist who taught us how to learn science with science fiction. With Angélica Sátiro, Director of La Casa Creativa, we played at thinking better (philosophizing) through yards and gardens.

In a gathering with four exceptional figures: Virginia Alonso, Angélica Sátiro, Elaine Gallagher and Juan Ángel Vaquerizo, we spoke about science and gender.

Next, we enjoyed a delicious lunch which also included surprises… split up into different colors in 10 groups, we discussed and reached three conclusions which, after being voted on by the attendees, would help us to shape an Educational Manifesto..

Carmen García, Executive of IBM, Director of Cognitive Solutions for the South of Europe, VP of the MKT Association, Member of the Board of Directors of Adigital and Freelance Consultant, taught us the true meaning of technology at today’s schools.

Meanwhile Marc Rivera Fernández, Director of Acade, Director of Academic Center of Amco Iberia, taught an interesting technological workshop in which he gave us the key to personalize by gamifying learning with video games.

To the magnificent beat of “I Will Survive”, Elaine Gallagher, Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Education, gave us a marvelous contribution about: Generation Z: Languages at School. Following a comforting coffee, Elaine was followed by Teo Manzano, Director of Marketing and Innovation of Steelcase Iberia, who spoke to us about the inspiration of space and to conclude, it was Antonio Casimiro’s turn, Graduate and Doctor in Physical Education, who managed for the auditorium to place the importance on Physical Education which it deserves.

Throughout the day, displayed all over International School San Patricio Toledo, we were able to enjoy Nacho Castellano’s exceptional photo exhibit “Learning to Look”.

To end, Virginia Alonso carried out her great closing speech in which she presented to us the Educational Manifesto which we had created ALL together and by means of which we intend to improve the education of tomorrow.

Yet another year, we have enjoyed at ENAP inspiring messages from the speakers as well as time to share our concerns and, of course, dreaming together of a better education. ENAP 2018 has forged a great many bonds between professionals, families and students driven by the same cause; to continue, innovate and advance.

Educational Manifesto


Organizers: The San Patricio Foundation. International School San Patricio Toledo.
Sponsors: Vicens-Vives, Santillana-Richmond, SM, Clickedu, ISDE, Tecnimart, Eduzland, Ctouch, Steelcase, Xenon, Talento y Deporte, ALSA.
Collaborators: CICAE, Real Fundación de Toledo, Agencia E, Educación 3.0, Tecnología en las Aulas, El periódico del TALENTO, Eim Consultores, AICA, LSM, SUMMA