Paz Prize for Peace

Fundación San PatricioThe Ana de Paz Foundation has awarded the Cooperation Program’s St. Patrick’s Nomadic Girls Centre (Turkana – Kenya) Project the Paz Prize for Peace.

This award places value on foundations, public institutions and companies which carry out cooperation and sponsorship work within and outside of Spain. The award ceremony was held on 2nd June at the Segovia Artillery Academy in the presence of top military authorities and other personalities who work for peace.

It is a source of great pride for all of us who work on this project to have received this award which we want to dedicate to all of you who make schooling possible for our 60 students in Kenya.




Atresmedia Investiga Award

Fundación San PatricioFor the second straight year (2013 - 2014), the San Patricio Foundation has received the prize for the best initiatives which educate in values and teamwork for its INVESTIGA R&D&I Program.

We thank the Atresmedia and Santillana Foundation; in the previous edition, the award was for the Model European Parliament (MEP) Program.

For the Foundation, it is a recognition of the constant educational work developed through its programs.

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