Make a donation

Make a donation

Important: Beginning in 2017 (fiscal year 2016) the first 150 euros donated can be deducted 80% and the rest, 35%. An additional 5% can be added to that 35% if the taxpayer has been collaborating with that organization for more than two years.

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Thanks to the donations from the Members and Friends of the Foundation, we are able to carry out our work.

Remember that you can deduct your contributions to the San Patricio Foundation on your Personal Income Tax, so if you give us your data, we will promptly send you a certificate with your annual contributions.



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   Deposit or transfer to Bankinter account ES46 0128 0033 71 0100025623.

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Legitimization: consent of the interested party by completing the present document.
Data preservation: data will be maintained until the legal established time periods have ended relative to donations.

Purpose of treatment:
a) The management of collaborating members and control of their contributions received in the Foundation.
b) Issuance of corresponding donation certificates for interested parties.
c) Communiqués about the latest developments, news, general information about the Foundation, its programs, activities, events, etc., periodically and sporadically.

Communication of the data: Certain data might be given to the official public sectors if we are legally obliged to do so.
Rights of the Interested Party:
The right to withdraw consent at any time.
The right to access, rectification, portability and deletion of his/her data and the limitation of or opposition to its treatment.
The right to present a claim to the Control Authority ( if he or she considers that the treatment does not comply with with current regulations.

Contact data in order to exercise your rights:
FUNDACIÓN SAN PATRICIO – Central Administration (Customer Service), Calle Serrano nº.208 (ISDE Building) 2nd floor, 28002, Madrid, together with valid legal proof, such as a copy of one’s national identity card and indicating “DATA PROTECTION” as the subject.
Additional information: “Additional Information - Data Protection" document
The interested party consents to treatment of the data in the terms stated.

Benefits for Collaborators of the San Patricio Foundation

By being a collaborating member of the San Patricio Foundation, you may also benefit from the following advantages:

Sanitas Multi Policy::
For being a member of the San Patricio Foundation, SANITAS offers you a weighted average discount of 35.6% on private premiums. In order to specifically find out what the percentage discount is, do not hesitate to contact the Foundation.

Participation in volunteer groups, among others, in our Cooperation Program at St. Patrick’s Centre, Turkana (Kenya) and training in social volunteer work.

Training Scholarships::

  • · Academic Excellence Scholarships at Colegio San Patricio
  • · ASTEX Language Scholarships
  • · Other specialized courses on diverse subjects related to social responsibility
Benefits and discounts on professional services offered by Collaborators and Alumni.

Cultural Seminars and Art Tours::
Participation in these activities organized by the Foundation.

Detailed information about all of the Foundation’s activities.