Mission, vision and values

    • • The Foundation’s mission is to develop programs which facilitate for both public and private schools the possibility of opening their classrooms to new learning experiences, which complement academic training with a solid education in values. At the same time the Foundation, as part of the San Patricio Institution, has the mission to educate good men and women, through an educational model which allows them to adapt personally and professionally to the society they live in.
    • • To find channels to improve education in our country, and share our conviction that a society progresses if it improves the training of the citizens which comprise it.
    • • To maintain the trust of families and society, for being a driving force for change in the Spanish educational system, and for reaching a broad international scope.
    • • To contribute to the improvement of education and to the fulfillment of the San Patricio Institution’s vision.
    • • To be a channel of communication between the Institution, the rest of the educational institutions and society as a whole.
    • • To establish formulas of communication between the educational community in general and San Patricio’s educational community in particular, which gather, recognize and value the figure of the “teacher”, especially when they finish their professional career.
    • • To promote the principles of democratic coexistence, tolerance, respect for the natural environment, citizens’ civility and social justice.
    • • To acquire a commitment with society through education.
    • • To incorporate generosity as an expression of help and service to others.
    • • Christian humanism, understood as the development of a person’s ethical, transcendental dimension.