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Agua para Turkana

Water is gold!

Nobody disputes that water is a vital element. But we reflect little upon it because, even though we have to pay for it, we are never lacking it. That is why it is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of those who cannot enjoy it because they don’t have it, not even if they could pay for it…

A few months ago we announced that the well at St. Patrick’s Centre had dried up due to the extreme drought which they are living in those miserable regions in Africa; afterwards, in October, it rained enough to have water until December, but the drought continues to afflict Turkana and other African regions with catastrophic consequences.

The opportunity to dig several wells by other organizations in the area of Lokitaung, where the centre is located, has made the price go down markedly and the drilling has been undertaken, thanks in part to the proceeds from the flea market and other outside aid. But we still lack around 5,000 euros for its total installation and channeling. For this reason, we encourage you to contribute.

It’s very simple: click on the lower button marked “make a donation” and with a card, you can make your contribution! 5, 10, 15… whatever you want. If many of us join in on the challenge, we will be able to reach our goal! THANKS A MILLION! FOR THEM!

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Hazte socio


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Hazte socio


For them!

60 nomad girls at St. Patrick's Nomadic Girls Centre of Turkana, Kenya.
The proceeds thanks to Teaming help us with the schooling and reception expenses of 60 girls from the northwest of Kenya, providing them with a chance for personal development and a professional future which they would not otherwise have.